Hilarious 40th Anniversary Film of Julie’s Bakeshop Goes Viral After Making Bread Out of Tita Shamers

Tita Julie has your back, titas! 

Julie’s, the Filipinos’ favorite neighborhood bakeshop chain, recently went viral after releasing its ad campaign celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The video starts with two middle-aged women working out in a local gym. A man notices them, and starts to “tita shame” the ladies. Tita Julie comes in and stops him, saving the ladies from the tita shamer. 

“When you say ‘Tita,’ it doesn’t automatically mean you’re talking about women who are stuffy and formal. Titas can be cool and very dynamic,” says Marc San Juan, National Marketing Head of Julie’s Bakeshop. “Our founder, Mrs. Julie Gandionco, was already in her 50s when she decided to start her own bakeshop.  Now it’s grown to a network of more than 500 stores all over the Philippines,” he adds.

“We at Julie’s are proud and humbled to continue serving our customers amidst all the challenges we’ve experienced.  Our 40th year is a testament that as long as we continue to grow and delight our customers, we will succeed. It’s our mission to continuously feed every Filipino neighborhood, not only with its favorite breads, but with opportunities as well,” says San Juan.

Julie’s Bakeshop has been baking Filipinos their favorite breads since 1981. Originally hailing from Mandaue City, Cebu, there are now over 487 Julie’s Bakeshops across the nation.  Considered the biggest bakery network in the Philippines, Julie’s has shared its success with many Filipinos looking for an opportunity to earn, thanks to its continuous franchising efforts.

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The agency behind the hilarious spot is GIGIL.