Julie’s Holiday Store Operation Schedules

In observance of the Holiday season, selected Julie’s Bakeshop branches in LUZON and VISAYAS will be adjusting its store operation schedules on the following dates below.

All Julie’s Bakeshop branches in MINDANAO will be closed in December 25, 2022 and January 1, 2023 only.


BranchesDecember 24, 2022December 25, 2022December 31, 2022January 1, 2023
Carmen, Cebu12am-10pm24hours12am-10pm24hours
Dawis Nore, Carmen5am-5pmClosed5am-5pmClosed
Yati Liloan5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm
San Vicente, Yati6am-6pmClosed6am-6pmClosed
Damolog Sogod5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm
Sogod, Cebu6am-6pmClosed6am-6pmClosed
San Francisco, Camotes5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm
Poro, Camotes6am-6pmClosed6am-6pmClosed
Prince Warehouse, Danao5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm
Kabuloy, Medillin5am-6pmClosed5am-6pmClosed
Catmon, Cebu5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm
Catmond Daan5am-6pmClosed5am-6pmClosed
Olivar Danao5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm
Tayud, Consolacion5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm
Capuloy Tayud5am-6pmClosed5am-6pmClosed
Catarman Liloan5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm5am-9pm
Bogo, Cebu5am-9pm8am-5pm5am-9pm8am-5pm
Hagnaya, Cebu4am9-9pm8am-5pm4am9-9pm8am-5pm
San Remegio, Cebu5am-7pmClosed5am-7pmClosed
Kawit, Medellin, Cebu4am-8pm8am-5pm4am-8pm8am-5pm
Mahawak, Medellin, Cebu6am-6pmClosed6am-6pmClosed
Daanbantayan, Cebu4am-9pm8am-5pm4am-9pm8am-5pm
Malinao, Daanbantayan (Outlet)6am-6pmClosed6am-6pmClosed
Ancajas, Medellin4am-12am8am-5pm4am-12am8am-5pm
Medellin Public Market, Cebu6am-6pmClosed6am-6pmClosed
Curva Medellin8am-5pmClosed8am-5pmClosed
Prince Hypermart Medellin7:30am-6pmClosed7:30am-6pmClosed
Bungtod, Bogo4am-10pm8am-5pm4am-10pm8am-5pm
Bogo Market, CebuMonday-Friday 5am-9pm,
Sat-Sun 4am-10pm
8am-5pmMonday-Friday 5am-9pm,
Sat-Sun 4am-10pm
Bantayan, Cebu24 Hrs8am-5pm24 Hrs8am-5pm
Bogo North Town Center, Bogo24 Hrs8am-5pm24 Hrs8am-5pm
Tapilon, Daanbantayan, Cebu4am-10pm8am-5pm4am-10pm8am-5pm
Maya, Daanbantayan4am-10pmClosed4am-10pmClosed
Seaoil Bogo4am-8pmClosed4am-8pmClosed
As Fortuna10pmClosed10pmClosed
Marigondon9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Gmall8am – 8pm8am – 8pm8am – 8pm8am – 8pm
Canjulao9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Gy Dela Cerna9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Babag IiClosedClosedClosedClosed
Osmena9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Rizal9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Buaya9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Maribago9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Pusok9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Island Central MallClosedClosedClosedClosed
Sangi9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Gaisano Island MallClosedClosedClosedClosed
Basak I (Pardo-Usjr), Cebu City5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Bulacao, Pardo, Cebu CityUntil 10pm12noon – 24 HoursUntil 10pm12noon – 24 Hours
Cogon, Pardo, Cebu City5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Quiot, Pardo, Cebu CityUntil 10pm12noon – 24 HoursUntil 10pm12noon – 24 Hours
Highway Tabunok, Talisay City5am – 9pmClosed5am – 9pmClosed
Mohon, Talisay5am – 9pm12noon – 9pm5am – 9pm12noon – 9pm
Bontores, San Nicolas5am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
Holy Cross, Basak, Pardo5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Poblacion, Pardo, Cebu City5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Laray, San Roque, Talisay5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Quiot 2, Pardo, Cebu City5am – 9pmClosed5am – 9pmClosed
Mohon 2, Talisay5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Pooc, Talisay5am – 9pmClosed5am – 9pmClosed
Rafael Rabaya, Cansojong, Talisay5am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
San Isidro Village, Talisay5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
A. Gabuya, Cogon Pardo, Cebu City5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Minglanilla I (Public Market)Until 10pm12noon – 24 HoursUntil 10pm12noon – 24 Hours
Minglanilla Ii (Ward 3 Nat’l Hiway)5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Lipata, Minglanilla5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Tungkop, Minglanilla5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Pakigne, Minglanilla5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Bacay, Minglanilla5am – 9pmClosed5am – 9pmClosed
Vito, Minglanilla5am – 9pmClosed5am – 9pmClosed
Inayagan, Naga5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Calajoan, Minglanilla5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm5am – 10pm12noon – 9pm
Prince Hypermart Minglanilla, Cebu5am – 8pm12noon – 8pm5am – 8pmClosed
Gaisano Grand Mall Minglanilla, Cebu7am – 8pm12noon – 8pm7am – 8pm12noon – 8pm
Proper Tunghaan, Minglanilla, Cebu5am – 9pmClosed5am – 9pmClosed
Tubigon, Bohol5am – 8pmClosed5am – 8pmClosed
Poblacion 3, Tagbilaran City5am – 7:30pmClosed5am – 7:30pmClosed
Banawa, Cebu5am-9pm5am-6pm5am-9pm5am-6pm
Cabreros, Cebu City5am-9pm8am-5pm5am-9pm8am-5pm
Tagunol, Mambaling5am-9pm8am-5pm5am-9pm8am-5pm
Fatima, Cebu City5am-9pm5am-7pm5am-9pm5am-7pm
Mambaling, Cebu City5am-9pm5am-7pm5am-9pm5am-7pm
Punta Princesa, Cebu City5am-8pmClosed5am-8pmClosed
San Roque, Mambaling, Cebu City5am-9pm5am-7pm5am-9pm5am-7pm
Banawa/Guadalupe Market, Cebu City5am-9pm5am-7pm5am-9pm5am-7pm
Guadalupe (Fooda), Cebu City-New Loc.5am-10pm5am-9pm5am-10pm5am-9pm
F. Llamas, Punta Princesa5am-9pm5am-7pm5am-9pm5am-7pm
Guadalupe, Cebu City3am-10pm5am-10pm3am-10pm5am-10pm
Cabreros Outlet5am-9pmClosed5am-9pmClosed
Tabada Market5am-9pm8am-5pm5am-9pm8am-5pm
Tabada Kiosk5am-9pmClosed5am-9pmClosed
Rizal Avenue C. C5am-9pmClosed5am-9pmClosed
Andres Abellana5am-9pm7am-4pm5am-9pm7am-4pm
Lower Camparang, Kalunasan, Cebu City5am-8pmClosed5am-8pmClosed
Don Bosco Road, Buhisan, Cebu City5am-9pm5am-7pm5am-9pm5am-7pm
Dumaguete, Negros City3am-10pm5am-10pm3am-10pm5am-10pm
Bayawan, Negros City5am-9pmClosed5am-9pmClosed
Kabankalan, Negros City5am-9pm8am-5pm5am-9pm8am-5pm
Calatrava, Negros City5am-9pmClosed5am-9pmClosed
Canlaon, Negros City5am-9pmClosed5am-9pmClosed
San Carlos, Negros City5am-9pmClosed5am-9pmClosed
Ayungon, Negros City5am-9pm7am-4pm5am-9pm7am-4pm
B. Rodriguez5am – 10pm10:00:00 Am Onwards
C. Padilla5am – 10pm10:00:00 Am Onwards
T. Padilla5am – 10pm10:00:00 Am Onwards
Avila5am – 10pmClosed
Terminal5am – 10pmClosed
Aznar5am – 10pmClosed
Urgello5am – 10pmClosed
Mango5am – 10pmClosed
R. Landon5am – 10pmClosed
Sancianco5am – 10pmClosed
Sugboanon5am – 10pmClosed
Mabolo5am – 10pmClosed
Cabantan5am – 10pmClosed
Tres5am – 10pmClosed
Panganiban5am – 10pmClosed
Calamba5am – 10pmClosed
Colonade5am – 10pmClosed
V Gullas5am – 10pmClosed
Pier 35am – 10pmClosed
Juana OsmeƱa5am – 10pmClosed
A. Lopez5am – 10pmClosed
Capitol5am – 10pmClosed
Oprra5am – 10pm10:00:00 am onwards
Pagsabungan5am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
P. Sanchez5am – 8pmClosed5am – 8pmClosed
Wireless Branch5am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
Wireless Junior5am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
Pitogo5am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
Seaoil5am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
Paknaan 15am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
Paknaan 25am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
Paknaan 35am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
Ibabao12mn – 7pmClosed12mn – 7pmClosed
Estancia5am – 7pmClosed5am – 7pmClosed
Cortes5am – 10pmClosed5am – 10pmClosed
Centro12mn – 10pmClosed12mn – 10pmClosed
Alang Alang5am – 7pmClosed5am – 7pmClosed
Mabini5am – 7pmClosed5am – 7pmClosed


Branches  December 25, 2022  January 1, 2023  January 2, 2023
Buendia Open Open 
Empire Centre Mall, Pasay Open Open 
Mall Of Asia Open Open 
Waltermart Bicutan Open Open 
Bagong Silang Caloocan Open Open Closed
Baguio Stores   Closed
Mabalacat, Pampanga   
Central Mall Binan Open Open 
Waltermart Carmona Open  
Molino 3, Bacoor, Cavite Open Open 
Sm City Rosario, Cavite Open Open 
 District Mall Open Open 
 Central Mall Dasmarinas Open Open 
 Waltermart Dasmarinas Open Open 
 Puregold Anabu Open  
 Puregold Tanza Open  
 Waltermart Bacoor Open Open 
 Waltermart Gentri Open Open 
 Sm Kadiwa Open Open 
 Robinson Dasma Open Open 
 Dasmarinas Paliparan Open Open 
 Portal Mall Open Open 
 Sm Tanza Open Open 
Mauban Quezon Half Day  
Waltermart Sucat Open  
  Mindanao Avenue Half Day Half Day 
  Sauyo Half Day Half Day 
  Ever Commonwealth Open Open 
  Waltermart North Edsa Open Open 
  Rosario, Pasig Half Day Half Day 
  Waltermart Taytay Open Open 
  Waltermart Antipolo Open Open 
  Napico Half Day Half Day 
  Rosario Bulilit Half Day Half Day 
  Olympus Half Day Half Day 
Ibp, Batasan Hills, Quezon City Half Day Half Day 
  General Luis Half Day Half Day 
  San Roque Half Day Half Day 
  Marcos Highway Half Day Half Day 
  Karangalan Half Day Half Day 
  Marc Square Taytay Half Day Half Day 
  Hermosa Half Day Half Day 
  Waltermart E. Rodriguez Open Open 
  Lrt Monumento Half Day Half Day 
  J.Fajardo Half Day Half Day 
  Blumentritt Half Day Half Day 
  Sun Residences Open Open 
  Camarin Half Day Half Day 
  Harmony Hills Half Day Half Day 
Sm Fairview Open Open 
New Panaderos, Mandaluyong Half Day Half Day 
  Lipa Half Day Half Day 
  Trece Martires Public Market Half Day Half Day 
  Waltermart Trece Martires Open Open 
  Sm Trece Martires Open Open 
  C. Tirona, Batangas Half Day Half Day 
  Waltermart Batangas Open Open 
  Lucky, Lemery Batangas Half Day Half Day 
Xentro Mall Lemery, Batangas Open Open 
  Laoag Half Day Half Day 
  Solano Half Day Half Day 
  Vigan Half Day Half Day 
  Bolinao Half Day Half Day 
  Dagupan Half Day Half Day 
  San Carlos Half Day Half Day 
  Candon Half Day Half Day